Behind the Scenes: Troika Ranch's loopdiver

Aug 12, 2011

PBS recently premiered a short documentary that features contemporary dance company Troika Ranch and chronicles the creation of their recent work, loopdiver.  Troika Ranch was co-founded by choregorapher Dawn Stoppiello and composer/media artist Mark Coniglio and their work is known for it's integration of dance and interactive media.  Coniglio is well known in the video design world for having invented the Isadora software program which allows artists to create their own interactive systems for controlling media in live performance.

In 30 short minutes, this documentary takes the viewer through Troika Ranch's multi-year process of creating loopdiver and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the artistic, emotional, physical, and technological challenges faced by their company.  From the film description:
Go behind the scenes as an award-winning international dance company struggles to create its next great work. Troika Ranch, a dance-theater-media performance company based out of New York City and Berlin, Germany comes to Lincoln, Nebraska to create a new piece called loopdiver.

What begins as an experiment involving the loops and repetitions created by today's computerized modern world evolves into a complex exploration into the repetitive patterns in which ordinary people find themselves trapped. Over the course of two years, company members struggle with their own inner turmoil as they try to cope with the extreme physical and emotional demands of creating this unique new work. Real-life inspiration comes when company members visit a rehabilitation hospital and witness the repetitive motions patients perform in an effort to regain mobility. Watch as the same motion-sensing technology used to create the dance work is used by the patients to control music and video as part of their own rehabilitation.

Follow along on the creative journey with these "interactive performance pioneers" as they create loopdiver-an avant-garde, multimedia dance work interweaving looped choreography, music, interactive visuals, and lighting as the performers attempt to escape their prisons of repetition.
The entire documentary can be viewed online in the above embedded video or by clicking here. Read more about the process of creating loopdiver by visiting the Troika Ranch website or purchase a DVD copy of loopdiver: The Journey of a Dance.

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