Gelatobaby on Creative Living, Obsession & Extreme Walking

May 31, 2011

Alissa Walker, aka Gelatobaby, is a Los Angeles-based arts and design writer, urban explorer, and self-professed gelato connoisseur.  At a recent CreativeMornings talk, a monthly breakfast lecture series, she gave a talk about overcoming encounters with creative gridlock, the benefits of having a public obsession, and urban exploration by foot.  She writes on her website about the basis of her talk:
... as I started to put together my talk, I realized that I was actually going through some serious changes in my own career. I decided I should talk about some guidelines for doing the kind of work that you love, but also how you know when it’s time to change that work and let it evolve into something else. Plus, I was extremely excited to include some images of a magazine I made when I was 10 years old, with my best friend Lelia. As hilarious as the premiere issue of Think Teen was to show, I do believe that looking at the stuff I made then has helped me to know that 23 years later, I’m on the right track
Check out this video, as well as others, on her blog

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